BabyaOne Photo announced

Babya has announced BabyaOne Photo which is the replacement for Babya Photo Workshop.

Press release:

Babya today announced BabyaOne Photo-the replacement for Babya Photo Workshop.

In development for almost a year, BabyaOne Photo is aimed at the consumer market-who want to easily edit and share their digital photos.

BabyaOne Photo includes many filters and tools that were found in Babya Photo Workshop and adds some new ones.

BabyaOne Photo has a Paint style interface and is easy to learn and use.

The highlight of BabyaOne Photo is “Elements’, which is a simple image layering system which allows for the creation of panoramic images.

BabyaOne Photo also features built-in WIA & TWAIN scanning. If users want more editing tools, it’s easy to upgrade to PhotoPro and Cover Flow, as images saved in BabyaOne Photo can be opened by these applications.


Babya’s A.A. Fussy said,  “After almost a year in the making, we’re ready to release the next generation of Babya Photo Workshop-this time called BabyaOne Photo. We think a lot of home users will enjoy editing their photos using BabyaOne Photo-it’s the ideal entry into the Babya image editing world “.

Product Availbility:

BabyaOne Photo will ship next week as a free download.

About Babya:

Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Babya bSuite, bPicture, Cover Flow, BabyaOne Photo,Babya PhotoPro and Babya Logic.

Babya’s software has won many awards over the past several years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite), a Softpedia Pick and 100% clean award (2006).



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