PhotoPro 3.5

PhotoPro 3.5 is a free and major upgrade to PhotoPro 3 and for users of Cover Flow.

New features:

  • Undo Zoom mode for File operations New, Open etc,
  • Undo/Redo and Restart.
  • Added a Textures menu.
  • Limited Z-Scape to FullWxFullH to 4,000,000
  • Added diagonal cross hairs.
  • Added progress bar to Plasma
  • Increased animation steps for Wraps & Plasma (in Extras).
  • Re-arranged top buttons and widened main form.
  • In particular jump to top-left & bottom-right buttons
  • so they are useable with smallest window size.
  • Removed fixed black/white from palette and added 2 buttons
  • to set Left/Right color to Black/White.
  • Correct T-key for Thumbnail when magnifier ON.
  • Amended reduction to 256 colors for GIF (no LUT)
  • and using Floyd-SteinbergB diffusing
  • Note for gifs only GIF87a saved ie no transparency.
  • So transparent GIFs should not be editted and saved with
  • this program  if the same transparency is to be retained.
  • Adjusted default Form1 height slightly
  • Made simple, alternative Thumbnail Viewer since Vista
  • apparently wont hook into common dialog class.
  • Removed the hook code.
  • Redone image scaling for Browser
  • Some unused (so far) routines commented out.


  • Added Dialog thumbnail viewer for XP.
  • Added construction lines to 3D Shapes so the final shape
  • location can be better seen. Changed the Hexagon from 45
  • to a 60 degree shape and added another Shape.


  • Extend Shape Tools to allow 3D parallel projected (axonometric)
  • solid shapes (extra clicks)
  • 2Pt-SHAPES menu now called SHAPES.
  • Changes to Z-Scape.
  • Show transformed image on Magnifier (if ON)
  • Correction for main scrollbar position in displaying Z-Scape.
  • Z-Scape speed made +/- 8 and correct zAngle to Single.
  • Added Thumbnail tooltip to Magnifier


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