AA’s WWDC predictions

With the WWDC keynote coming up-here are my predictions:

3G iPhone & App Store-definitely launching at WWDC


New .Mac:

Apple hasn’t set up a redirect for me.com or mobileme.com yet -for me.com, it still says:
“The site you are trying to reach has moved.

This page can now be found at http://www.snappville.com

Please update your bookmarks. You can click on the link above to go to that site now.”

And Multi-Edit and my company are the first to use “Mobile Me”-hopefully Apple will license the name.

New displays were launched at the 2004 WWDC-even though WWDC is developer focused, sometimes new hardware is launched (think the G5, Mac Pro).


The displays are long overdue for a major upgrade. 

What we won’t see at WWDC:

Will the laptops be updated-no? Montevina has been delayed in shipments.

Mac mini and iLife/iWork ’09-perhaps at a event like last year’s August launch for the iMac. 

Blu-ray-possible, but Apple still hasn’t updated DVD Studio Pro to support that.



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