Babya developer expo keynote

Welcome to the 2008 Babya developer expo. I’m A.A. Fussy. Today-all about “me”

We have an authentic Google experience-one-click access to 6 Google services:Mail, Maps, Picasa Web Albums, Calendar, Docs and Sites

Babya Mobile Me features bCal 5 with HTML calendar export

Client-there’s 2:a .NET based client and a stylish HTML based launcher page-for Macs (runs locally).

The launcher will be at our site-Mobile Me on your iPhone or iPod touch. One click on “mobile me” in the app menu gets you to the client


There’s a password keeper type app included. Summing up:6 Google services, bCal 5, 2 client apps-all free for anyone . Available June 29

 If you have a Google apps account-you can use Mobile Me as well. Next up-Babya System

Today, I’ll be talking about the top 8 new features. 1-A menuless bDesktop

Last years bDesktop was a rethink-this year’s it’s a big move forward. Very clean look.

2. We’ve built-in our virtualization software.

3. Something really cool-we’ve intergrated virtual desktops into bDesktop-no more launching a separate .exe file

Works with the Windows

4. Sticky notes-again our version is quite funky. Call up via the app floatpane (a new way to access gadgets-bDesktop sidebar evolved)

Floatpane can be moved anywhere on screen. Has three gadgets built-in:sticky notes, a memopad and a picture viewer. 

5. A nice new file explorer-bFile is dead as we know it. 

6. bMessage-network “SMS” 

Works on a local LAN 

Avoiding security problems-not using the Windows message service. 

7. Some mini-apps-paint, a text editor. bSuite to Go

8. Under 10mb when installed-compare this to 9GB for OS X and 15GB for Vista

bSuite ’09:39 applications in one suite.

First we have a new E-Type-leaner and faster than ever before. 




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