Logic Pro Studio press release

Babya today introduced Logic Pro Studio featuring world exclusive multi-source multitracking, Computer Music tutorial access and more.

Logic Pro Studio combines Logic Pro 2009 with Logic OnStage and exclusive access to world renowned Computer Music magazine’s collection tutorial PDF.

These are available directly from Logic 2009’s Logic Guide feature.

Logic’s innovative audio & midi multitracking system called Logic Multitrack-which lets you in a world first seamlessly combine multiple tracks that audio, noatation & MIDI and even MS speech engine audio.

Apple Logic, SONAR, Cubase,etc multitracking systems don’t even come anywhere close to to Logic’s flexible multi-source tracking.

Other features include:
BabyaZone DJ synth
Babya Piano Studio
EM1:music synthesis studio, with a piano roll view
Babya ES2,ESM, EXM
VST Host-to host VSTI’s
Built-in audio recording window with level meter & optional MP3 encoding
“Logic Guide”-a window that helps you through the music production process

Babya’s A.A. Fussy said, “We have 2 world-first features that no other company has offered-multi-source multitrack and access to tutorials fron one of the moast popular music magazines, Computer Music in Logic Studio.”

Product Availability:
Logic Pro Studio will be released a free download in late July.

About Babya:
Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Mobile Me ,Babya bSuite, bPicture, Cover Flow, BabyaOne Photo, Babya PhotoPro and Babya Logic.

Babya’s software has won many awards over the past several years from various websites and has been featured in magazines from around the world.  



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