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Babya Imaging Studio with bPicture ‘09 released

August 31, 2008

Babya today announced it will begin to ship Babya Imaging Studio this week.

Babya today announced Babya Imaging Studio which combines the popular PhotoPro image editor with bPicture 2009.

Double the edits: Babya Imaging Studio includes Cover Flow-Photo Pro & Draw along with bPicture 2009.

Babya’s Alvin Novick said, “Babya Imaging Studio with bPicture ‘09 is now shipping:it’s a all-in one image creation,drawing and organizing suite-it’s suitable for all kinds of projects.”

Product Availbility:

Babya Imaging Studio with bPicture ‘09 will ship later this week and will be available to download from:

About Babya:

Babya’s digital media group develops free digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Babya bSuite, bPicture, Cover Flow, BabyaOne Photo, Babya PhotoPro.

Babya’s software has won many awards over the past several years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite), a Softpedia Pick and 100% clean award (2006).


MJ is 50

August 31, 2008

Michael Jackson turned 50 on Friday

Canon PowerShot A580 photos:

August 30, 2008

Canon PowerShot A580 photos:

XMLUK mentions Babya

August 28, 2008

XMLUK mentions Babya on its homepage:

Babya forms Babya international

August 28, 2008

Babya today announced a strategic new company organization under the name of Babya  Software International. 

The Babya subsidiaries are:


  • Babya
  • Baby A Software Development
  • Babya Service
  • Babya Retail and Distribution
  • Babya Australia
  • Babya Europe
  • Babya Asia
  • Babya USA
  • Babya Retail and Distribution and Baby A Software development are new subsidiaries that focus on software distribution and development (the latter).

    Babya Asia/Australia/Europe/USA is  company subsidiaries using the Babya coporate name. 

    To reflect the new structure better, a company wide logo that replaces the current silver “babya” logo has been introduced:using Arial as the font, the ya part is in italics and in blue, while “bab” is in the signature Babya gray and the letters are closely spaced

    Babya’s A.A. Fussy commented on the new logo as being striking and in two tone:gray represents Babya’s famous choice of user interface color, while black is a instant classic. 

    “Having all our companies under the same umbrella is something we’ve been planning for the past 4 years or so, and now we’ve done it-welcome to the new Babya.”

    The new Babya identity will be part of a web advertizing campagin  to start soon, with the tagline,

    “It’s Babya but not as you’ve ever seen it”


    About Babya:

    Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Babya bSuite, BabyaOne, bPicture, Babya Firestorm and Babya Photo Workshop and Babya Logic and we  specialize in digital media software by  offering quality software you can count on.

    Babya based where-the answer from A.A. Fussy

    August 28, 2008

    I always think of where is  Babya based?-the answer is:

    it’s always hosted in the United States and other countries

    Then in 2006, a QLD business stopped using our name-a misspelt version: the fair trading department ruled that it has never been registered as a business name-even though it’s usually not allowed to have a business name unregistered, so here’s the full answer from them:

    I refer to your email complaint of 15 September 2006 regarding Ted Grimsey using a mis-spelt version of the Babya name.
     Additionally I have been advised by Ted he has never formally registered the name as a trading name or trademark.

    So I hope that clears up any confusion


    On the other hand, there are a lot of “Baby A” businesses: we’ve contacted a lot of them and don’t seem to change their registered company names, as it’s time-consuming. 

    -A.A. Fussy

    Babya founder

    BabyaOne: iPhone & iPod Gaming bundle

    August 26, 2008

    Here’s the latest BabyaOne: iPhone and now iPod  software deal-this time:games!:

    All links to US app store, some may be not available outside of the United States but you can search in iTunes if you’re not a US user


    Standard iPods:

    • SPORE Origins:for click wheel iPods (EA Games)-a personal favourite
    • iPhone and iPod Touch:
    • Tangrams:by Brian Wurster
    • The official Tetris by EA Games
    • Tap Tap Revenge
    • WordTwist clones:
      • Sextuple Word Challenge v1.0.0.1 [$0.99] – best overall pick according to iPhone Games
      • Lexitron v1.0[$1.99] – visually impressive, multiple languages kaccording to iPhone Games
    • Super Monkey Ball
      • Bomberman Touch – The Legend of Mystic Bomb [App Store] :: The story of ‘The Legend of Mystic Bomb’: Get a hidden treasure in the ruins!  It is said that deep inside the jungle lies a heretical ruins called KA-BOOM TEMPLE, where a legendary tresure is hidden somewhere…  Many adventurers have tried, but none succeeded to even come home alive.  It is here that you willl see another daredevil who will take on this challenge, at the risk of his own life, to face KA-BOOM TEMPLE…  He is, Bomberman.
      • Aqua Forest Powered by OctaveEngine Casual [App Store] :: Catch water drops falling from the tree leaves without spilling, guide a water drop through a maze, or bounce rubber off barriers that you draw. Play with water in one of 3 fun ways! Select an editing function of OctaveEngine Casual (choose from options like wind, heat or cold), tilt the handset in any direction to activate the accelerative sensor, or draw shapes on the touch panel with your finger.
      • Super Monkey Ball [App Store] :: Let’s roll!  Guide a cute little monkey encased in a transparent ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through a variety of slopes and turnes.  You must navigate a large variety of obstacle courses to reach goal lines within set time limits.  Collect as many bananas as you can along the way and you’ll be able to increase your remaining lives.  Play through five worlds and 110 stages, designed tio be fun for both first-time players and long-time Super Monkey Ball fans.  Enjoy rich 3D graphics with an easy-to-master control system that utilizes the accelerometer inside your device.  Insanely fun and addicting!
      • Cro-Mag Rally [App Store] :: Cro-Mag Rally is the wildest racing 3D game since man invented the wheel!  You are a speed-hungry caveman named Brog who races through the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages in primitive vehicles such as the Geode Cruiser, Bone Buggy, Logmobile, Trojan Horse, and many others.  Brog has at his disposal an arsenal of primitive weaponry ranging from Bone Bombs to Chinese Bottle Rockets and Heat Seeking Homing Pigeons.
      • Moto Racer [App Store] :: Grab your bike and hit the road with Wingnuts Moto Racer.  Race through checkpoints, weave through traffic, fed off dangerous biker gangs and hit some sweet jumps along the way.  Racing from Miami Beach to the Andean mountains and around the globe. Moto Racer is a rockin’ arcade experience that will explode your mind!!


    Babya and other companies using our product names-a extensive list

    August 26, 2008

    Babya and other companies using our product names-here’s a extensive list:


    Using our product names after we stopped using them ourselves:

    • OneVideo Technology kindly asked us to rename our iPod video conversion software, we chose to start “BabyaOne” and drop Babya OneVideo altogether
    • Broadcaster-formerly IMSI used iGrab as a one of it’s services name-unrelated to ours
    • Blurb’s successfull book publishing product Booksmart-was the name of a library management app:yes we decided it’s best to stop dev on a new version indefintely

    Names changed due requests by us:

    • Babya A soft drinks, in Queensland
    • bPlayer-name of a company’s product that we didn’t give permission to use our bplayer name in 2002, later Gerzonic using the name  for a audio plugin to this day (we appreciate that fact). Eventually we chose bTunes as its successor

    Names used by other companies but haven’t ask us to rename ours:

    • YouTube desktop:Google didn’t ask us to rename this product
    • Logic & Mobile Me-Apple does not notice our freeware products
    • iTunes and bTunes-sounds confusing but again, Apple hasn’t prevented us from using bTunes
    Completely unreleated to our business
    • companies calling themselves or mentioning  Babya:IMVU,LBMS,Baby Alpaca to name a few
    • Jaguar (owned by Tata Motors)-E-Type their famous car, our free word processor
    • Baby Acapulco  restaurant
    • Artist Zaza Babya
    • Baby A-yes, that’s a company based in Californa  the one currently using
    • Tuja Babya-a video by a group of people from Uganda,  Africa, we love that video so much:we gave them free use of our name,and no confusion ever so what since then.
    • Chiaa Babya
    • Wawa Babya-Arabic language video

    Babya and Apple Legal

    August 26, 2008

    Seems Apple Legal hasn’t ask sites to have new nano photos  removed, but a app store game:

    On the other hand Apple continues to not notice Babya Logic and Mobile Me-here’s the track  record:

    -released Logic 1.x, no cease and desist letter ever received

    -released version 2, again no C&D

    -released version 3 and 4-no notice from them at all.

    -released Mobile Me-as above, no C&D

    All because I don’t charge $399 and $99-if I did, then the story would be very different.

    Jhonen Vasquez’s thoughts on Chumble Spuzz

    August 25, 2008

     Jhonen Vasquez’s thoughts on Chumble Spuzz: