Sony D-EJ761 Review


Sony D-EJ761 review:

Impressive styling and intuitive controls make this player a real beauty 


The Sony D-EJ761 is a impressive 2000’s CD Walkman-here’s my review: 

The design: 

Finished in a attractive blue color, the EJ761 has line- out, headphone jack with remote jack,minimal amount of buttons-playback is via a jog dial instead of  next/ previous buttons and a small display at the top. 

Just flick the jog dial back and forwards to select tracks, long flick to fast forward/go backwards. 


I listened to Billy Joel’s “Storm Front” and it sounded beautiful-must be good DACs used, when used with Sony earphones the sound was very good

 The mega bass feature gives the sound a big boost. 


Has dedicated line out, different play modes  and built-in battery charge via a AC adaptor and plays CD- 

RW’s-such as ones burned in iTunes as audio discs.


A impressive Sony CD Walkman 

The scores 




Overall score-out of 10: 10/10





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