Babya based where-the answer from A.A. Fussy

I always think of where is  Babya based?-the answer is:

it’s always hosted in the United States and other countries

Then in 2006, a QLD business stopped using our name-a misspelt version: the fair trading department ruled that it has never been registered as a business name-even though it’s usually not allowed to have a business name unregistered, so here’s the full answer from them:

I refer to your email complaint of 15 September 2006 regarding Ted Grimsey using a mis-spelt version of the Babya name.
 Additionally I have been advised by Ted he has never formally registered the name as a trading name or trademark.

So I hope that clears up any confusion


On the other hand, there are a lot of “Baby A” businesses: we’ve contacted a lot of them and don’t seem to change their registered company names, as it’s time-consuming. 

-A.A. Fussy

Babya founder



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