Babya forms Babya international

Babya today announced a strategic new company organization under the name of Babya  Software International. 

The Babya subsidiaries are:


  • Babya
  • Baby A Software Development
  • Babya Service
  • Babya Retail and Distribution
  • Babya Australia
  • Babya Europe
  • Babya Asia
  • Babya USA
  • Babya Retail and Distribution and Baby A Software development are new subsidiaries that focus on software distribution and development (the latter).

    Babya Asia/Australia/Europe/USA is  company subsidiaries using the Babya coporate name. 

    To reflect the new structure better, a company wide logo that replaces the current silver “babya” logo has been introduced:using Arial as the font, the ya part is in italics and in blue, while “bab” is in the signature Babya gray and the letters are closely spaced

    Babya’s A.A. Fussy commented on the new logo as being striking and in two tone:gray represents Babya’s famous choice of user interface color, while black is a instant classic. 

    “Having all our companies under the same umbrella is something we’ve been planning for the past 4 years or so, and now we’ve done it-welcome to the new Babya.”

    The new Babya identity will be part of a web advertizing campagin  to start soon, with the tagline,

    “It’s Babya but not as you’ve ever seen it”


    About Babya:

    Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Babya bSuite, BabyaOne, bPicture, Babya Firestorm and Babya Photo Workshop and Babya Logic and we  specialize in digital media software by  offering quality software you can count on.


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