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Babya software releases update

September 30, 2008

You may have noticed the lack of Babya software released in the last month or so-that’s because we are working on several Babya applications at the same time. 

So our release schedule currently is:

Discoverer 2009-late October

Babya System 16.01: late October

BabyaOne Vault, Viw & Photo 2-last week in November

Imaging Studio-December (v3.5 included a internal build-waiting for v4 for public release)

PhotoPro 4-December

Cover Flow 2-December

Photoworld-Early 2009

Production Suite 2-March 2009

Photo Workshop-Q1 2009

Babya System 16.01 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and is free for all Babya System users.


Babya Library

September 30, 2008

We’ve finally agreed that there couldn’t be 2 Booksmarts-ours and Blurb’s, so we decided to rename Booksmart to Babya Library.

Yes- and if you’re wondering:Library is a generic name.

Babya e-coming in December or January

September 30, 2008

Just an update on Babya e-it’ll now be released in December or January.

Some notes on AA’s casette player collection

September 29, 2008

First-a Flickr set of my cassette players and accessories:


Some notes and info about my collection:

All of the players and the speaker cost about $11 all up-purchased at 2 charity stores, the players at  Lifeline, the speakers at a Salvation Army store.

Finding any info, if at all about the Sanyo VIP-5 on the web is very hard to come by.

SRS-A20 are from the mid 90’s-1994 to be exact. $5.90 is what I paid.

It can be used on 4 AA batteries.

You can have the internal amplifier switched off or on- on makes it sound quite loud, while off is quiet-nice for night listening.

With the amplifier off, and the batteries removed you can still listen to sound through the speakers.

The white version of the P5 is less common than the silver,red and black versions.

It’s more commonly known by the model number HS-P05.

Plus, I like the weight of it-not too heavy, easy to hold via the strap.

I have a pair of 1980’s Aiwa earphones that I bought separately a few weeks back to use with the HS-P5.

I was quite impressed at the BASSXPANDER (Sanyo’s name for bass boost on 90’s players)-it can be set to whatever level you like, using a slide switch.

The real gem is the simple 2 band EQ-which can make both bought and self recorded cassettes sound very lively.

Also picked up a set of Sony MDR-E805 earphones to use with both players.

Babya Discoverer 2009: coming this October

September 29, 2008

Babya Discoverer 2009 is  coming and will be available by the  end of  October.

Babya announces Babya Photo Workshop X4, Cover Flow 2, Cover Fusion & PhotoPro 4.0

September 26, 2008

Babya today unveiled Babya Photo Workshop X4-a semi-professional image editor and a new version of the popular professional image editor, Babya PhotoPro. 

PhotoPro 4.0 features a improved Z-Scape landscape generation and faster performance.

Babya Photo Workshop X4 is a new image editor using the Babya Photo Workshop branding aimed at the “fusion” photographer:a step above BabyaOne Photo but suited to the needs of this market.

A fusion photographer is someone who likes to work on their images using a combination of several photo editors. 

Based on a fusion of Photo Workshop XL,PhotoPro and Babya bPicture, Babya Photo Workshop X4 is the world’s first fusion image editor offerring the best features from each such as:

-Palette support:both Babya .bbc and Corel formats

-Over 300 drawing tools

-Effects:over 50

As part of Cover Fusion:a new suite offering Babya Photo Workshop X4, bDesign and Babya Draw you can create drawings and images then place them onto a website with extreme ease. 

Babya also announces Cover Flow 2-combing all of the above.

Babya’s A.A. Fussy hailed Babya Photo Workshop X4 as a image editor that is uniquely posistened in a new category for software:fusion software. 

He says, “We are bringing back Babya Photo Workshop by popular demand-it’s even better and has a lot more creative tools.”

Product Availability:

All of the above including Babya Photo Workshop X4, Cover Flow 2, Cover Fusion & PhotoPro 4.0 will be available by the end of January 2009.

Sony D-EJ011: A in-depth review by A.A. Fussy

September 26, 2008
Sony D-EJ011: A in-depth review by A.A. Fussy 

Part 1-Introducing the D-EJ011
There have been a lot of CD Walkman and before that the Sony Discman models released from 1984 until late 2006 but today there are no newer models. 

All in the family

The D-EJ011 is such a example-being notable for being a part of the last new series of basic PCDP’s by Sony.

A step up from the EJ011 is the EJ017/021CK series which include a remote and car kit.

The NE240/NF340 added MP3 playback and its display is on the top.

Being the most basic model, it is sold for under $50-I paid $49 for mine last December.

The design and controls
It has a full circle design-a bit bigger than a CD, and a two tone color scheme silver top, black bottom. 

Controls are along the bottom, with sound/P MODE,VOL -/+,open,a 1 line display, stop/paiuse ,next/previous.

Unlike the intuitive and smooth operating jog lever on players like the EJ761, Sony went for a separate next and previous buttons.

Although there is plenty of room on both curved sides, Sony chose to smartly position the hold switch on the bottom. 

Some buttons have double functions-eg.
P MODE toggles between different play modes:repeat, shuffle, repeat one 
Sound has 2 settings: SND1/SND2 and AVLS

There is also the bookmark feature as seen on 2002-2006 models.

Sound Features

Sony’s Digital MEGA BASS is present with 2 stages-SND1 and SND2. 

Unlike older Discmans, there’s no volume graph type display-only “SND1/SND2” to indicate the MEGA BASS level. 

AVLS is present and is turned on by a long press of the P Mode button. 

The D-EJ011 uses the DAX-25E optical pickup which is very responsive.

The spindle design is of special mention:it features a series of steel balls with springs to firmly hold the disc in place. 


Being the last of its kind-no newer CD Walkmans were released after the FJ040/EJ011/NE240, the EJ011 has nice sound-listening to Michael Jackson with MEGA BASS sounded very good with a nice wide sound stage. 

Much better sound quality than the first Sony PCDCP we had-a 1997 D-E303. 

Coming up-comparisons with the F20 and EJ761 and the conclusion.

Part 2


The D-EJ011 will be compared to the”

D-F20 (2001)
D-EJ761 (2002)

D-F20 is larger than the EJ011 dob due to the presence of a AM/FM tuner, there’s a different button layout, and the mechanism is not as not good in design. 

D-EJ761: has line-out and a remote jack, a jog lever.

A inexpensive and good sounding portable CD Player, the D-EJ011 is worth a look. 



Version 4 of Guitar Amp coming

September 25, 2008

Babya Guitar Amp 4 and Guitar Amp XL 4 are coming soon

Babya scraps software licenses completely

September 22, 2008

Babya today announced that it is the first company to phase out the use of EULA agreements and other license agreements completely.

A industry first, Babya is the only software developer to completely do away with shareware,freeware and comnercial software and EULA license types.

The new license system is called Babya Freedom, which offers users the freedom of installing software without the hassle of agreeing to a mandatory license.

Babya’s CEO A.A. Fussy said, “We’re sending a clear message:EULAs are bad and so is shareware-by becoming the first company in the world to make its software license-free.”

Babya intends to start this new licensing system with the release of BabyaOne Vault and PhotoPro 4.

Babya 2009 product lineup video

September 20, 2008

 New Babya 2009 product lineup video: