Sony MZ-E620 Review

Sony MZ-E620 Review
Price:$33 at Cash Converters

Contents as provided :MZ-E620,RM-MC33EL remote,NH-14WM gumstick battery,AA battery case
Not included with the purchase:charging cradle as it’s 100v and wouldn’t work in Australia, manual (but easy to find on 

MZ-E620 is a Japanese model-and was suprised at that fact when I saw it in the shop.
Despite it being a Japan model, it was purchased in Australia, and the remote has a English display.
No charging stand was included probably because of Australia using 230v vs Japan’s 100v-which is fine by me as I’ll use the supplied battery case.

Very stylish, with a slim profile and buttonless top-controls are on the bottom. Jacks include a remote/headphone and contacts for the AA battery case.

A digital amplifier is used to produce nice sound from MD discs, as is a 6 band EQ with presets-heavy,pops,jazz and 2 custom EQ settings. 

The RM-MC33EL remote has a backlight, volume control via a jog dial and buttons for playmode, folder +/-,display,stop and a slide switch for playback/enter (press down for the latter) 

Sound quality:
MZ-E620’s sound quality is quite impressive-distortion free sound is produced, I made a recording with my other MD-the R700 from my Sony stereo and it sounds clear and vibrant on the E620.

The PDF manual from Sony’s Japan site was all in Japanese: I had a bit trouble setting various options, even though I know and can understand Japanese. 

The supplied remote can be used with some other models-I used it with my R700 as a simple playback remote. 

There’s a clip on the back that can be taken off easily. 

The MZ-E620 is a interesting MD player that never seemed to be sold outside of Japan-it’s worth tracking down, as it’s a very nice player-only MD Walkman. 




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