Philips SHE9500 review

Philips SHE9500 review
Price$59 at Tandy

The Philips SHE9500 is a in-ear headphone with excellent sealing and a great set of accessories-you get:
-different size eartips
-extension cord
-earphone holder
-carry pouch

Design & Sound quality
SHE9500’s are attractively styled-mine were in black with red and silver ends on the earpieces. The Flexigrip cord design ensures good durability.
Philips uses drivers that small in size, like Sony MDR-EX32LP. 
I put on the large sillcone tips that are included and these gave a impressive seal-the isolation provided is perfect. 

Listened to these on a 30GB iPod with a variety of pop and rocks and sound was quite impressive:great bass level, nice highs and lows.

These are amazing in-ear headphones-even better sealing than Sony or JVC earphones. Was extremely suprised at the good sound and isolation it creates. 




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