Babya Expo fall 2008 keynote

Babya Expo fall 2008 keynote:


All updates are in chronological order:

  •  Welcome to the fall 2008 Babya product launch-as the invite says “lets go!”
  • First up-the bPlayer replacement:Babya bTunes 
  • Includes the second generation of song playlisting technology called bShuffle, which makes making a playlist very easy and it’s a lot faster than iTunes.
  • Built in song transferring to your iPod shuffle is included -a perfect little player for on the move.
  • bTunes features a extremely modern UI with just the right mix of controls-easy for playback of music and is free.
  •  “From rock to alternative, and jazz to new age:your songs have been crying out for a fast mp3 player-bTunes is that solution.”
  • Will be  in development  from next week or so 
  • bShuffle is like your own radio station:features   Playlists, Events Lists, Priority Lists, Daily Loadlists, Line In control, Fades, Mutes, events log, error logs, etc.
  • Available to download in October
  • Production Suite 2:even more powerful, version of 4 PhotoPro, bMovie 2, Babya Encoder.
  • Babya encoder is a new media conversion application
  • We’ve discussed this before,expect a release in early 2009
Babya Discoverer:
  • I’m Alvin from the digital media group and today I’m going to talk about the new dual engine Discoverer.
  • IE and Gecko engines
  • Dual browsers-main is IE based, secondary is the latter engine
  • Discoverer Library:your smart web assistant. Replaces the traditional bookmarking system.
  • Best Discoverer release yet
  • Available in November
  • bSecure 
  • 3 years since last version
  • We worked on other software but totally forgot about bSecure. 
  • New name:BabyaOne Vault
  • BlowFish algorithm used
  • Very nice interface and quick encryption
  • Available later this month
One more thing:
  • Really fun new Babya app:Babya PhotoWorld
  • Show images on a “globe”
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Ships in October
Thanks for reading our keynote and we’d like to thank everything at Babya for the work put into the above. 


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