Sony D-EJ011: A in-depth review by A.A. Fussy

Sony D-EJ011: A in-depth review by A.A. Fussy 

Part 1-Introducing the D-EJ011
There have been a lot of CD Walkman and before that the Sony Discman models released from 1984 until late 2006 but today there are no newer models. 

All in the family

The D-EJ011 is such a example-being notable for being a part of the last new series of basic PCDP’s by Sony.

A step up from the EJ011 is the EJ017/021CK series which include a remote and car kit.

The NE240/NF340 added MP3 playback and its display is on the top.

Being the most basic model, it is sold for under $50-I paid $49 for mine last December.

The design and controls
It has a full circle design-a bit bigger than a CD, and a two tone color scheme silver top, black bottom. 

Controls are along the bottom, with sound/P MODE,VOL -/+,open,a 1 line display, stop/paiuse ,next/previous.

Unlike the intuitive and smooth operating jog lever on players like the EJ761, Sony went for a separate next and previous buttons.

Although there is plenty of room on both curved sides, Sony chose to smartly position the hold switch on the bottom. 

Some buttons have double functions-eg.
P MODE toggles between different play modes:repeat, shuffle, repeat one 
Sound has 2 settings: SND1/SND2 and AVLS

There is also the bookmark feature as seen on 2002-2006 models.

Sound Features

Sony’s Digital MEGA BASS is present with 2 stages-SND1 and SND2. 

Unlike older Discmans, there’s no volume graph type display-only “SND1/SND2” to indicate the MEGA BASS level. 

AVLS is present and is turned on by a long press of the P Mode button. 

The D-EJ011 uses the DAX-25E optical pickup which is very responsive.

The spindle design is of special mention:it features a series of steel balls with springs to firmly hold the disc in place. 


Being the last of its kind-no newer CD Walkmans were released after the FJ040/EJ011/NE240, the EJ011 has nice sound-listening to Michael Jackson with MEGA BASS sounded very good with a nice wide sound stage. 

Much better sound quality than the first Sony PCDCP we had-a 1997 D-E303. 

Coming up-comparisons with the F20 and EJ761 and the conclusion.

Part 2


The D-EJ011 will be compared to the”

D-F20 (2001)
D-EJ761 (2002)

D-F20 is larger than the EJ011 dob due to the presence of a AM/FM tuner, there’s a different button layout, and the mechanism is not as not good in design. 

D-EJ761: has line-out and a remote jack, a jog lever.

A inexpensive and good sounding portable CD Player, the D-EJ011 is worth a look. 





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