Some notes on AA’s casette player collection

First-a Flickr set of my cassette players and accessories:


Some notes and info about my collection:

All of the players and the speaker cost about $11 all up-purchased at 2 charity stores, the players at  Lifeline, the speakers at a Salvation Army store.

Finding any info, if at all about the Sanyo VIP-5 on the web is very hard to come by.

SRS-A20 are from the mid 90’s-1994 to be exact. $5.90 is what I paid.

It can be used on 4 AA batteries.

You can have the internal amplifier switched off or on- on makes it sound quite loud, while off is quiet-nice for night listening.

With the amplifier off, and the batteries removed you can still listen to sound through the speakers.

The white version of the P5 is less common than the silver,red and black versions.

It’s more commonly known by the model number HS-P05.

Plus, I like the weight of it-not too heavy, easy to hold via the strap.

I have a pair of 1980’s Aiwa earphones that I bought separately a few weeks back to use with the HS-P5.

I was quite impressed at the BASSXPANDER (Sanyo’s name for bass boost on 90’s players)-it can be set to whatever level you like, using a slide switch.

The real gem is the simple 2 band EQ-which can make both bought and self recorded cassettes sound very lively.

Also picked up a set of Sony MDR-E805 earphones to use with both players.


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