The iPod “hash” & DMCA issue

We originally planned to update iGrab to work with all new iPods, but decided not to because of a Fairplay like ” hash” relating to the current iPod range database structure.



The “hash” is subject of a recent DMCA notice issued by O’Melveny & Myers LLP   to Sam Odio, the author  behind a project named “iPodHash”-their notice was published at:

And the author has posted a plea about this:

Plea to the author of IpodHash:

Please contact Fred at the EFF. Fred is looking to protect your right to free speech online. But he can’t do so if we don’t work with him. Because Fred has expressed interest in representing both you and BluWiki, all communication is confidential and protected under the attorney-client privilege. Communication with Fred can not be released in court.

If you do not contact Fred, and the EFF does not represent us, we will be forced to comply with all of Apple’s demands. If Apple chooses to litigate against us, we will probably exhaust all funds in our defense. Out of money, BluWiki could ultimately be forced offline. This would be one more small step backwards in the fight for the right to free speech.

Fred’s phone number is +1 415 436 9333 x123 and his email is ”


I’m also deeply concerned that if Apple  forces upon the author to agree to their demands  and proceeds with any ligitation, that iPod projects involved will be affected greatly. 

So I strongly suggest contacting  Fred von Lohmann and pledging your support about this issue.

-A.A. Fussy


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