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Babya bTunes development done

February 25, 2009

We’ve finished development of Babya bTunes now-so all we need to do is make a icon for it and create the installer.

It’ll be released next month.


It Came From the House of Pies.

February 15, 2009

bTunes overview video

February 13, 2009

A short overview video of Babya bTunes is now on YouTube:

Apple Legal vs Babya-take 2

February 13, 2009

Apple’s legal team  has not asked us to change the names of Mobile Me,bTunes and Logic to something else. 

They have ignored our freeware, have sent no cease and desist notices.

I invited them to comment about this over Logic 3-but  their legal department declined make any comments regarding screenshots.

Then they ignored our “Mobile Me” and sites started calling Apple’s MobileMe by the former name, causing harm and damaging our reputation. 

Apple hasn’t said anything about that either.

Mobile Me Central updated

February 13, 2009

Mobile Me Central  has just been updated  to include access to Carbonite (online backup)

This was one of the improvements we announced  back in December. 

We’ll add access to a security scan service in the next update,as well as a updated desktop client.

A notice to all media sites about Apple’s MobileMe

February 13, 2009

The media must refer to Mobile Me by the correct name  MobileMe (as that is the service mark/trademark owned by Apple).

If they still keep calling MobileMe, “Mobile Me” then they are using the wrong name.

This is to avoid confusion with Babya Mobile Me-for example:

Mobile Me debuts large file sharing with iDisk

This is obviously not the correct way to call “Mobile Me”

Instead it should say:

MobileMe debuts large file sharing with iDisk

That’s the correct name for the Apple service. 

We would like to see all sites reporting on Apple’s $99 service to call it MobileMe and  stop calling it Mobile Me-as the latter is the free service from us. 




Babya bTunes screenshots

February 12, 2009

Here are the first screenshots of bTunes.

Compact mode:

Full mode:

Babya PhotoPro 4-available in March

February 10, 2009

We expect Babya PhotoPro 4 to be available in March.

iPhone/iPod touch games should have to be classified

February 9, 2009

iPhone/iPod touch games should have to be classified.

Yes, that is right-if MMO’s can be sold here in Australia without a classification (which has been the subjects of various reports recentely), then iPhone/iPod touch games shoyld have to be submitted.

Instead of just having 4+, 12+,etc ratings in the App store, Apple should have developers obtain classifications from the the Classification Board before submitting them to the App store.

What’s new in PhotoPro 4

February 5, 2009

Babya PhotoPro 4-available soon will include the folowing new features:
Support for .jpe file format
Improved TIFF import-you can now also open *.tif files
Multiline text support