Babya software updates status report

I’d like to tell you all about the status of some of the upcoming updates to Babya software and also new Babya software.

bTunes:We finished development of it over the weekend and have done the installer. It should be available early next week

Discoverer 2009: In the past couple of months, we thought dvelopment of the 2009 version hasn’t gone well-after we discovered a problem with the options window (which we couldn’t fix) and we have not started on the Mozilla based view yet.

We’re still working hard on bringing you the latest version of Discoverer in the next month or so.

PhotoPro 4: Aiming for a April release

bSuite: bSuite 2010 to be announced in the next few months, we have started working on updates to Presenter (version 7.0). 

We have not finalized what new features each bSuite component will have yet. 

Babya System-It’s been 8 years since we released the first version of Babya System,  so we are celebrating that.

It was first released on  March 22, 2001.


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