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Mobile Me isn’t from Apple but MobileMe is & Safari 4

June 9, 2009

Some websites just can’t get the name of Apple’s $99 MobileMe right-often including a space between Mobile and Me.

A good example of this is’s Robert Strohmeyer uses the term Mobile Me to describe Apple’s service-whereas the official name is MobileMe.

He should have called MobileMe and not Mobile Me-the latter is our free connected services suite. 

Thankfully other sites like TUAW and Engadget use the official name MobileMe.

In other news Apple released Safari 4 this week-callling it “world’s fastest” and “Most Innovative”. 

Apple press release about Safari 4:

Apple Releases Safari 4—The World’s Fastest & Most Innovative Browser

That means other browsers like Babya Discoverer, Firefox or Chrome can’t claim to be the “world’s fastest” or “Most Innovative” now. 

By the way, we’re  still working on the next version of Babya Discoverer-and this time instead of calling that world’s fastest, we’re calling it the world’s second fastest web browser.

Babya Logic 2010

June 7, 2009

We’re simplifying the Babya Logic product line from 3 editions to 2 for the 2010 version.

So instead of Logic Basics, Express & Pro there are now going to be 2 editions:

  • Babya Logic Express
  • Babya Logic Producer (formerly Babya Logic Pro)

We’ll have a full announcement of this soon.