Babya Piano Studio to BabyaSound M10 transition FAQ


Babya Piano Studio to BabyaSound M10 

transition FAQ: 

1. Why is Babya discontinuing Babya Piano Studio? 

Babya is discontinung its original piano soft synth to focus on the innovative BabyaSound 

M10 synth. 

2. What are the main advantages of BabyaSound M10 compared to Babya 

Piano Studio? 

  • combines a wave sound generator,music recorder,MIDI generator and 
  • keyboard in the one application 
  • quick wave sound generation 
  • music recorder 
  • MIDI virtual piano 
  • frequency adjustment 

3. Is BabyaSound M10 as  easy to use as Babya Piano Studio was? 

Yes, its intuitive interface is streamlined and designed for tease of use in mind. 

4. What are the key dates related to  this transition? 

August 2009-Babya Piano Studio development ceases 

October 2009-BabyaSound M10 release 

November 30, 2009 Babya Piano Studio becomes unavailable for download for 

new users. 

Q1 2009-support ends for Babya Piano Studio

5. Is Babya planning any crossgrade options for current  standalone Babya 

Piano Studio users? 

We are currently investigating the option of making a standalone version that would 

not integrate with recent Logic versions. 

In addition we will strongly promote on our blogs and websites that Babya Piano 

Studio consider a upgrade to the Logic product family.  

6. And what those who used it as part of Logic? 

We will suggest that users upgrading their copy to version 2010 to gain access to 

the exciting new BabyaSound M10 synth. 


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