Babya introduces Mobile Me logos

New logos designed to stop the media confusing our connected service suite “Mobile Me” with Apple’s $99 “Mobile Me”.

Babya today unveiled 2 logos:
-a chat icon with the words “mobile me” in the center of it
-a lightbulb with “works with mobile me” underneath it

These logos prevail any attempts by the media and the press by tarnishing the reputation of our free “Mobile Me” service by reporting the $99 “MobileMe” as Mobile Me.

Additionally, this announcement prevents Apple from introducing a “made for MobileMe” program.

Babya’s A.A. Fussy said, “Babya has ensured that they shouldn’t launch anything similar-we have great praise for Apple but do not like how the by the media and the press are confusing their “MobileMe” by calling it “Mobile Me”.”

The new logos can be viewed at:



One Response to “Babya introduces Mobile Me logos”

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