Babya and other companies using our product names-a updated extensive list

Babya and other companies using our product names-here’s a extensive list:

Since I posted the list in 2008-it’s time an update:

Using our product names after we stopped using them ourselves:

  • OneVideo Technology kindly asked us to rename our iPod video conversion software, we chose to start “BabyaOne” and drop Babya OneVideo altogether
  • Broadcaster-formerly IMSI used iGrab as a one of it’s services name-unrelated to ours
  • Blurb’s successful book publishing product Booksmart-was the name of a Babya library management app

Names changed due requests by us:

  • Babya A soft drinks, in Queensland
  • bPlayer-name of a company’s product that we didn’t give permission to use our bplayer name in 2002, later Gerzonic using the name  for a audio plugin to this day (we appreciate that fact). Eventually we chose bTunes as its successor

Names used by other companies but haven’t ask us to rename ours:

  • YouTube desktop:Google didn’t ask us to rename this product
  • Logic and mobile me:
  • Apple still hasn’t as of November2009 asked us to rename our Logic and Mobile Me software-even as Apple trademarked mobile me, they never requested us to stop using that name)
  • iTunes and bTunes-sounds confusing but again, Apple hasn’t prevented us from using bTunes.
  • Also atttempted to be trademarked by  singer Beyonce this year (abandoned in April)
Completely unreleated to our business
  • companies calling themselves or mentioning  Babya:IMVU,LBMS,Baby Alpaca to name a few
  • Jaguar (owned by Tata Motors)-E-Type their famous car, our free word processor
  • Baby Acapulco  restaurant (
  • Artist Zaza Babya
  • Baby A-yes, that’s a company based in Californa  the one currently using
  • Tuja Babya-a video by a group of people from Uganda,  Africa, we love that video so much:we gave them free use of our name,and no confusion ever so what since then.
  • Chiaa Babya
  • Wawa Babya-Arabic language video
  • BabyTV-sounds a lot like BabyaTV (the former a TV channel, the latter a video capture app by us)


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