Babya bTunes headed for Android-our thoughts

We are a bit confused as to whether Babya bTunes has a Android version and therefore we would like to share some thoughts about this.

Firstly, I’d like to state that a “bTunes” for Android  does exsist but it is not developed by us or related to our bTunes in anyway.

Their site can be found at:

While ours is at:

Further, I do not know lhow long they have used the bTunes name for-we started using it in early 2009.

But to us we feel it’s fine for them to  use our product’s name for a music player for Android  based devices because we don;t develop for Android, only Windows and Mac.

So I hope that clears any confusion about bTunes,

-A.A. Fussy,

May 2010


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