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Babya launches bSuite 2010 and announc

April 12, 2010

Babya today launched Babya bSuite 2010, the latest version of its digital media suite.

Featuring a all-new Babya E-Type and Babya PhotoPro 2010 as the headline components of suite, version 2010 also includes:
-Babya Presenter 7.0
-Babya bCal 6
– Babya bPicture to Go
-Babya Logic 2010 Starter

New for 2010 is Babya bPicture to Go which is a simple slideshow/image browser combination based on the popular bPicture image browser.

Babya E-Type 7 is all-new offering a more compact, faster yet easy to use word processing.

Babya Logic 2010 Starter includes the awesome BabyaSound M10 piano/tiano hybrid synth.

Babya bCal 6 continues i offering GTD task magement and calendars with a new bcCal On Demand feature-a simple launcher with easy access to the most often used bCal features.

Presenter 7 offers a new selecion of slide backgrounds and access to bPicture to Go.

Babya’s A.A. Fussy, “Babya bSuite is back for another year-we think the 2010 is the best yet.”

Product Availability:
Babya bSuite 2010 will ship later this month as a free download.


Babya bSuite 2010 release-late March

February 23, 2010

We’re almost finsihed Babya bSuite 2010 and mow intend to release it in late March

Babya bsSuite 2010 available in late January or early February

December 30, 2009

Babya bsSuite 2010-we’re fimally releasing in late January or early February

-more compact E-Type
-reduced install size, no more bMovie,bLib and bSuite to go

Babya bSuite 2010 logo

July 14, 2009

Here’s the logo we’ll be using for Babya bSuite 2010:

The 2010 part is in a butterfly shape which we chose to create  a pleasing visual impact.

Babya bSuite 2010 to be announced next month

April 23, 2009

We are going to announce the next version of bSuite sometime next month.

Babya bSuite ’09 Update

January 1, 2009

We’ll be releasing a update for bSuite next month, oferring several new features.

Babya offers solutions for netbook users

December 27, 2008
Babya today announced solutions for netbook users.

A growing market segment, Babya has decided to embrace netbooks by offering compact versions of bSuite and Babya E-Type.

The new products, bSuite for Netbooks and E-Type Netbook edition provide a easy to use feature set and takes up less than 5MB disk space each.

Babya’s A.A. Fussy said, “We’re not talking about PSION Netbooks-but EEE PC, Wind, Dell Inspiron mini,etc:compact versions of bSuite and E-Type that are suited to those types of laptops.”

Product Availbility:
bSuite for Netbooks and E-Type Netbook edition will be released in April 2009 as free downloads. 


Babya’s giving away 10 copies of bSuite ’09

August 18, 2008

Babya’s giving away 10 copies of bSuite ’09-free, of course.


What to do:

1. Email, with the subject line of “bsuite giveaway”

2. In the email, describe what other suites you have used, and why you’d like to try bSuite

3.Closes on 31 October 2008, and winners will be emailed with a download link for bsuite.

Babya bSuite ’09 feature pack

August 7, 2008

A Babya bSuite ’09 feature pack will be coming soon adding in:

Babya Discoverer Library

bMovie 2

Babya Site previewer

The ultimate digital media suite now shipping

August 3, 2008

Babya today released the ultimate digital media suite. 

bSuite ‘09 is the latest version of Babya’s popular digital media and office suite. 

If you thought bSuite 2008 was a huge jump for bSuite, then bSuite ‘09 will take you to new creative heights.

Offering the most complete suite of Babya applications ever put together, bSuite ‘09 is the ultimate digital media & office suite. 

Our ultimate digital media suite, bSuite includes the photo & graphics design suite-Cover Flow.

Plus new versions of your favorite bSuite applications are included-like bCal, Presenter & E-Type. 

Babya’s A.A. Fussy said, “Forget the usual digital media suites-like Nero 8, Roxio EMC and iLife, they don’t even come close to bSuite’s applications-over 30 are included in ours (that includes accessory programs). Plus we’ve got the only free ultimate digital media suite.”

Alvin NovIck commented, “bSuite ‘09 is the world’s only ultimate digital media suite-with lots of Babya applications in the one suite, we are taking bSuite to new dimensions with this milestone release.”

Product Availability:
Babya bSuite 2009-the ultimate digital media suite can be downloaded from:

About Babya:
Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including Babya bSuite, bPicture, Cover Flow, BabyaOne Photo, Babya PhotoPro and Babya Logic.

Babya’s software has won many awards over the past several years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite), a Softpedia Pick and 100% clean award (2006).